Hello, & welcome to CarlyArtDaily.  I’ve loved art my entire life, and now in my spare time I like to create digital resources for other people to enhance their art, photos, & designs with.

I create my textures starting with images from my own personal collection, and combine them in Photoshop, where they take on completely different forms. The digital arrangement process happens by chance, and each outcome is an involuntary composition. Every texture is unique and unplanned, with it’s own distinguishing characteristics. I specialize in vintage, distressed, and grungy abstract textures.

Inspiration and influences are everywhere. In nature, on the sides of rusty old trucks…anything can become a texture!

I find motivational support not only from my friends and family members, but also from the online art community. I can now say I have like-minded friends located in various spots all over the world, and for that I am extremely grateful. Their encouragement helps me continue to create and present my resources to you!