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Rusty & Scratched Freebie

  Please give me your thoughts in the comments below! I’d love to see what you use this for.

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Help Bill Get His Transplants!

This is a very special set of textures, because all of the proceeds raised will be going to a friend who is in need of transplants. All money raised from sales helps Bill Sohor with expenses from needed kidney &

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Free Gradient Texture

Hey everyone! Just leaving this free texture with you.  Just click to download this simple little gradient. Let me know what you think about this one. Playing with colors like this is out of my comfort zone, but exhilarating. Have any color

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Vintage Textures

Now available for purchase on Creative Market: Vintage Textures! This set was inspired by antique furniture found in your grandmother’s house, with details from the fabric of her Davenport sofa, and a color scheme inspired by the rugs and drapery. Of course this set of

Free Mini Series!

Who loves free stuff? I know I do. I also love to give stuff away! The Antique Paper collection consists of six digitally created textures, and is a free set for you to sample.  Please don’t post on any other websites or

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Introducing Cascading Textures: A New Mini Series!

Hey guys! Long time no blog. Big props to all of the mommy bloggers out there, I don’t know how you do it! Anyway, before I start rambling on about the mama life, I’m here to introduce you to my

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New Texture Set!

These Film Textures are filled with dust and scratches which give off the vibes of damaged or corroded film strips.While none of the images include the typical film reel border, they all are streaked, eroded, and ready for you to use as an overlay or background.

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I’m About to Become…

…a mother! I still can’t get over how amazing this is. I’m currently 21 weeks along, and baby is kicking up a storm almost every single day! I felt the first kick while at a hockey game, and now baby

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Tips for Finding and Photographing Texture Images

Let’s face it: textures are everywhere. When we think about the word ‘textures,’ grungy images generally come to mind first. Prominently rough, dirty, stained, or scratched objects are regarded as textures. But even things that appear to be flat and

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Up and Running!

So it looks like my very first dot com website is up and running! I’m still working on the content and some layout kinks, so bear with me here.

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