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Hey guys! Long time no see…I apologize! Sitting down at a computer while 8 months pregnant isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. I am currently getting kicked or punched by my little one, and it is quite distracting, but here I am!

But anyway! I have created a new texture bundle, available to purchase at my shop at  These Film Textures are filled with dust and scratches which give off the vibes of damaged or corroded film strips.While none of the images include the typical film reel border, they all are streaked, eroded, and ready for you to use as an overlay or background.

Photo Effect Results with settings 100% Soft Light



File format:
ZIP package includes: 12 .JPG files (high resolution greyscale textures / backgrounds,  66″ x 44″, 4752 x 3168 px, 72 dpi, average file size: 43.1M)

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